Private Investment Advisors Have Options: Co-sourcing Administration

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Published On: Jan 12, 2021|Categories: Industry News|
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The co-sourcing fund administration model has received a lot of press recently, but at GP Fund Solutions, LLC (GPFS) we have been implementing this model since our launch in 2011.  The founders of GPFS have experience co-sourcing since the early 2000’s when the back offices for private investment advisors were initially being institutionalized.  Clients seeking to co-source choose GPFS due to our deep experience in this area.

Why is it important your TPA has years of experience with Co-Sourcing?

  • Effectiveness – Depends on a deep understanding of the Co-Sourcing Rules of Engagement
  • Reliability – Experience with disaster recovery procedures for both traditional and co-sourcing solutions helps reduce downtime.
  • Quality – Every database is different and experience navigating multiple systems increases data integrity.

What is Co-Sourcing?

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Why are clients choosing to co-source with GPFS?

  • Increased bandwidth allows internal teams to work on historically in-house products, while outsourcing additional processes.
  • Consistent general ledgers between in-house and outsourced products.
  • Control over all data.
  • When selecting Allvue as the co-sourcing platform, GPFS delivers on best practices across databases.

Is co-sourcing for everyone?

In our experience traditional out-sourcing leveraging the TPA’s existing technology is more common, particularly for emerging managers. But for clients with existing platforms or whose model includes a combination of in-house and outsource or multiple providers, co-sourcing can be a great option when selecting the right partner. At GPFS we believe in collaborating with our clients to find the solution that best fits them.  Our management structure allows us the flexibility to tailor offering that address the nuances of each client.

About GPFS:

  • Over $30B AUA across multiple closed end verticals
  • 10 years working with Allvue
  • Zero client turnover

Our team at GP Fund Solutions is happy to discuss further the implementation process of co-sourcing fund administration.  Please visit our website for additional information or email us at

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